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Posted - 08/27/2019 03:06pm
Ballot argument filed for Measure C
Vote Yes on Measure C to support Fire Protection and Emergency Services in the greater Occidental area
Measure C will provide dedicated funding to the Occidental Community Services District, which oversees the Occidental Fire Department. The funding will enable 24/7 coverage, reduce response times, modernize equipment for firefighter and community safety, and help protect us from dangerous wildfires.

The Occidental Fire Department is at a crossroads. For its entire history, the citizens that rely on the valuable protections and emergency services the District provides have depended upon a dedicated group of volunteers to be the first to respond to almost any type of emergency. 

Most volunteers work out of the area and are not always available when a call comes in. Chief Ron Lunardi and the Occidental Community Services District Board have recognized that we are in a crisis situation. At times there has only been a single volunteer responding. The current situation is not safe, or sustainable.

Yes on Measure C will reduce response times to all parts of our District by maintaining a paid Firefighter in the station during daytime and high fire danger periods, creating a 30 second to 1 minute leave time, saving precious minutes. We will continue to support and rely upon our dedicated volunteers for coverage. 

Measure C will cost residents just 55 cents per day, and will be solely used for Fire and Emergency services in our District, giving us local control of these dollars. Every cent from Measure C will be spent on critical Fire and Emergency service needs.

Yes on Measure C is a community investment that will create a sustainable and dedicated source of revenue to help prepare us for wildfires, decrease response times, and better serve the residents of our district.

Vote Yes on Measure C- your life could depend on it.

Signed by: 
  • Joe Lunardi- Retired Fire Chief
  • Michelle Whitman- Affordable Housing Advocate
  • Tom Gonnella- Local Business Owner
  • Bob Burnett- Retired Technologist
Caryl Hart- Regional Parks Director, Retired